Wedding Ducks

These Ducks make a delightful addition to any Wedding either as Gifts for the Bride & Groom or as part of the theme for the day

They come in small medium or large

Chose from White or Ivory Brides and Black or Grey Grooms with or without Boots

Bridesmaids and Ushers are also available in small size

All Wedding Ducks can be made in shades of neutral or matched to the colours of the Bridal Party 

* Boots are currently only available in small Ducks

**Please message me if individual Ducks or same sex Ducks required


Small Bride & Groom

£35 + p&p

Medium Bride & Groom

£40 + p&p

Large Bride & Groom

£45 + p&p


Please message

1. If a particular colour scheme is wanted otherwise flowers will be neutral.

2. What colour Bride required

3. What colour Groom outfit required and whether boots or feet

** Currently out of stock of large Bride& Groom and Medium Groom with boots**

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